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Goul și beneficiile sale

Pentru promovarea Goului, ca a oricărei alte activități, este necesară sublinierea beneficiilor sale.

Cunoaștem, cu toții beneficiile Goului, și am vorbit despre ele de atîtea ori. Dar tocmai am văzut pe pagina de Facebook a congreslui monbdial de amatori de anul viitor, o nouă listă cu aceste beneficii, așa că mă grăbesc să o copiez aici.


#Go promotes:

📌Freedom from internet addiction for both adults and kids

📌Finding and expressing oneself fully

📌Developing an ability to view the situation as a whole

📌Conscious use of one’s time

📌Skill to evaluate tactics and predict the opponent’s further steps

📌Developing one’s ability to concentrate: during the game one’s attention has to be directed to where it’s strictly necessary and at time when it’s necessary

📌Deeper understanding of the cause-and-effect

📌Balanced development of the both brain semispheres: the analytical side develops due to having to calculated potential profits and losses, the intuitive side develops in the process of creating beautiful moves and strategies. For:
☑️In go, one always has to keep their eyes on their main chosen position on the board
☑️Go is a great tool for all who has to make difficult decisions frequently
☑️While playing, people learn to follow their chosen course in life with every step they take
☑️The game is of great use for the child’s character

📌The game also helps to develop a habit of not making decisions on the emotional grounds – where one’s being led by their fear or rage, as well as not to regret the losses but to use their resources at hand most effectively

📌Go develops emotional and social intelligence

📌It removes language barriers between the opponents

📌Helps to evaluate the opponent’s character – in the process full range of its aspects emerges

📌Does not develop one’s intelligence as much as it helps to acquire character traits of the successful and balanced person
The best age to start playing the game is 4-5 years. But if you are [a little] older – it’s not the reason to not to pursue it. The game will still contribute a great good to one’s character!

După cum vedem, articolul original este în engleză și e tradus în rusă. Dacă e cineva incapabil să traducă singur, poate solicita într-un comentariu la acest articol traducerea.


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